This prize is for institutions and/or organisations whose purpose is to promote and develop the employability of young people within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals mentioned above.

The prize is for:

  • entrepreneurial projects.
  • inclusion projects.
  • programmes that combat discrimination.
  • youth integration initiatives.
  • professional careers dedicated to the integration of disadvantaged and/or excluded groups.
  • awareness-raising actions.
  • awareness campaigns and communications.
  • programmes that support youth integration.
  • good practices that leave no-one behind, etc.



The Jury will base the pre-selection process and its final decision on the following criteria:



One or more of these elements may be considered:

  • Transparency (ease with which workers can access the information and knowledge about the organisation, the quality of the information shared, and their participation in preparing the information).
  • How the organisation produces and structures new knowledge and involves the workers.
  • Shared leadership (regarding goals, targets, strategies, indicators, and processes).



One or more of these elements may be considered:

  • A consistent approach.
  • Outstanding actions leading to the professional integration of young people.
  • Systems of participation and cooperation with stakeholders when designing and developing the proposal/activity.
  • Previous career and/or acknowledgements.




One or more of these elements may be considered:

  • Key activity and/or results indicators.
  • Sustained and/or growing trend over at least three years.



One or more of these elements may be considered:

  • Level of response to the social need of youth employability.
  • Impact on the local economy and/or on the local social well-being.
  • Degree of scalability, growth potential of the proposal.
  • Innovative features of the proposal