The Awards have a significant background in promoting employability. Do you think the Foundation is doing a good job in this regard?

The Novia Salcedo Foundation is working very hard to promote and improve youth employability. Thanks to the Foundation’s efforts over more than 38 years, society and businesses are joining forces to create knowledge and innovation and to achieve a better future for all. We cannot and must not ignore the alarming data on youth unemployment in our country, which stands at about 37%. For this reason, I wish there were more foundations in our country that were so clearly and decidedly committed to young people as Novia Salcedo is.

Training and integrating young people is one of the requirements taken into account for an enterprise to be worthy of our awards. Do you think the prize will help the winner in the future?

Of course. The role of entrepreneurs is key. Therefore, the business that wins the Novia Salcedo Award will be fully acknowledged and we hope it will continue to show a strong commitment to youth employability.  It will become an example for all to follow.

We have added a category that rewards the Public Administrations this year. Do you agree that public-private partnerships favour youth employment and integration policies?

You cannot understand employability without considering priority lines of action: society, companies and public administrations. For the system to work faultlessly you need the cooperation of all and, more specifically, you must promote public-private collaboration.

When the public administrations and businesses collaborate, the results are always better.

Women, green economy, work-family conciliation… are aspects that we assess carefully in SMEs. Do you see these as essential aspects in the development of small businesses?

Sure. Today every company must be committed to the values of a sustainable economy. In fact, it is all about our companies implementing values about sustainability and sustainable practices in all their activities.

Finally, why did you decide to accept the invitation to become a member of the jury of the Novia Salcedo Awards?

As vice-president of the Bertelsmann Foundation, an organisation that is dedicated to improving the employability of young people through Dual Vocational Training and Coordinated Career Guidance, it is an honour to be a member of this jury. I fully agree with the spirit of the prizes and I believe the professional integration of young people is essential.

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