The NoviaSalcedo Awards have a significant background in promoting employability. Do you think the Foundation is doing a good job in this regard?

 Decent work allows people to flourish and develop their full potential. The fact that the NoviaSalcedo Awards promote the employability of young people not only serves to highlight the successful organisations in this field, but also to focus on the need to establish a connection between employment and education. The NoviaSalcedo Foundation is known for promoting employability.

Training and integrating young people is one of the requirements taken into account for an enterprise to be worthy of our awards. Do you think the prize will help the winner in the future?

 The worst thing that can happen is for our educational programmes to be disconnected from the needs of the job market. The NoviaSalcedo Awards encourage organisations to identify the skills, abilities, and talents that employers of today and tomorrow need and then develop study programmes and teaching strategies to meet that demand. 

We have added a category that rewards the Public Administrations this year. Do you agree that public-private partnerships favour youth employment and integration policies?

The working lives of thousands of young people will be marked by transfers between the private sector and the public sector. The public-private collaboration that enables young people to navigate easily between these two worlds will greatly facilitate employability prospects. 

Women, green economy, work-family conciliation… are aspects that we assess carefully in SMEs. Do you see these as essential aspects in the development of small businesses?

As technology progresses, society shows a greater respect for nature, women, and to work-family conciliation. Since SMEs will continue to play a very important role in youth employability, highlighting these values improves their options for attracting the best talents available in society.

Finally, why did you decide to accept the invitation to become a member of the jury of the NoviaSalcedo Awards?

 For me, being a member of the jury of the NoviaSalcedo Awards is an honour and an opportunity to share the best practices in Latin America and Europe. My dream is to help to spread the NoviaSalcedo Foundation’s programmes around the world.

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