The NoviaSalcedo Awards have a significant background in promoting employability. Do you think the Foundation is doing a good job in this regard?

Sustainable Development Goal 8 (SDG 8) refers to decent work and economic growth and is one of the most necessary in our country and one on which the businesses that belong to the Global Compact in Spain are working to achieve. Therefore, it is very satisfying for the Spanish Global Compact Network to support this type of initiative that promotes employability in our country.

We have added a category that rewards the Public Administrations this year. Do you agree that public-private partnerships favour youth employment and integration policies?

Of course, partnerships are a fundamental part of the 2030 Agenda for Development, which has its own goal of Sustainable Development Goal 17 “Partnerships to achieve the goals”. Therefore, we believe that any partnership that responds to the challenges of sustainability is fundamental in achieving the SDGs by 2030, and public-private partnerships are essential to ensure that this is so.

Women, green economy, work-family conciliation… are aspects that we assess carefully in SMEs. Do you see these as essential aspects in the development of small businesses?

The United Nations Global Compact operates in Spain through the Spanish Network, which currently has 2,580 partners that are cooperating with this social responsibility initiative: of which 77% are SMEs. Gender equality, a green economy, and family-work conciliation are priority issues covered by the 10 Principles of the Global Compact; and the small and medium-sized enterprises that are cooperating with the Global Compact are working on these issues. Consequently, they are incorporating aspects related to sustainable development into their business strategies.

Finally, why did you decide to accept the invitation to become a member of the jury of the Novia Salcedo Awards?

For the Spanish Global Compact Network, collaborating with its partners and those that support the SDGs is fundamental. In this case, it is a pleasure to work with an entity that belongs to our executive committee, because we are aware of NoviaSalcedo’s commitment to the SDGs.

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